Xylem Pump plug in seal, The reliability of a submersible Flygt pump or mixer will never be better than the reliability of its sealing system. Unlike dry-installed equipment, any fluid that leaks through the
seals will accumulate in the drive unit, which may be damaged. Over the long term, seal leakage will also cause numerous other problems. Exceptional demands are therefore made on every Flygt Plug-in Seal to achieve high reliability, trouble-free operation and long service intervals.

 Double mechanical seal in a single unit assembly

 Seal faces remain protected from contamination

Pre-assembly in a clean environment ensures that seal faces remain protected when used in a pump repair workshop. The risk for contaminated seal faces during mounting is therefore eliminated. Mounting of single seals or relapped seals increases the risk of contaminated seal surfaces, which leads to leakage and/or excessive wear

 Springs are protected from corrosive pump media and clogging

To ensure trouble-free operation, the springs are located on the barrier-fluid side of the seals, completely shielded from the pump media.

  Inner and outer seals are replaced at the same time, ensuring overall sealing reliability

The inner seal and outer seal cannot be replaced or refurbished separately.  Since it is impossible to estimate the lifetime of an inner seal, the inner seal is automatically replaced whenever the outer seal is replaced. Once the Set is disassembled, it cannot be re-assembled in the exact same position. The remounting of separate seal rings can therefore lead to an increased leakage rate.



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